Wallpaper Fixing

Conceptualised rooms in your dream home are not mere dreams. Fix wallpapers that make you feel posit..

Wash & Fold

If your wardrobe is a mess, there's nothing to worry. At any time Fixso is ready to wash your clothe..

Wash & Iron

Let it be any occasion, ensure that your clothes are clean and pressed. If you are a very busy profe..

Washing Machine Repair

We provide basic and premium washing machine servicing & maintenance. Just call Fixso for afford..

Waste Management

Waste Management of your household is an important part of keeping your home clean. Fixso's waste ma..

Water Leak Repair

Outdoor water leaks can cause significant problems for your home. Leaking outdoor faucets can cause ..

Water Pump Repair

Brown or discolored water, warm spots on the floor, damp or soaked carpeting, discoloration on ceili..

Water Purifier

Thousands have lived without love, but none without water; Purified Water is always a necessity. Cal..

Coconut Plucking

The price hike of coconut affects Malayalees highly. Nothing to worry, Fixso’s trained workers are r..


Inverter RepairingFixso carries out best practice techniques and experienced technicians in all aspe..

Air Conditioning

Don’t worry if your AC breaks down! We’ve got your back. Our professionally experienced AC mechanics..


Solar servicesFixso helps you to keep your solar panels at peak efficiency guarantees maximum return..

Security Services

Do not fear the theft and robbery. Let your premises be under the surveillance camera. Fixso helps y..

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