About Us

FIXSO, a Facility Maintenance Company, based in Kochi, Calicut & Trivandrum concentrating on making people’s life hassle-free & uncomplicated. We are constantly endeavoring to be an aid for people’s upkeeping needs. FIXSO is focused on becoming the leading source for all Residential Maintenance, Household Repairs, and Refurbishing Services in the Kerala marketplace. FIXSO offers services for both Individuals as well as corporate customers. FIXSO employs experienced professionals lead by a highly qualified management team who are pioneers in the maintenance industry. The team provides a 24x7 helpline and ensures a prompt on-site response. FIXSO runs on the latest technology which streamlines Operations, Service Management and Customer Service. The company utilizes modern equipment & techniques to minimize downtime and ensure the utmost Safety & Security. The premises that can be serviced include High-rise buildings, Low-rise buildings, Villas, Residential properties, Compounds, and temporary prefab structures. 

One Team, One Mission, One Vision. We at FIXSO, carry out our business with Honesty, Genuity& Consistency and we treat all people with Respect and Dignity. We do our best to maintain a Personal and Professional relationship with all our customers, even with our skilled squad, office staff and management, we are constantly improving our level of service. We, FIXSO, assign trained & verified industry experts and house professionals who also provide necessary hacks & tips for the longevity of that specific product. 

We’ll take care of your concerns while you take care of your business because that’s the plot where we both can outclass each other. We usually don’t take any concern for further discussions other than finding a solution. We’ll be at your doorsteps whenever you feel like calling us and in case of emergency, we will be approaching you ASAP.