Fixso - We Fix Almost Everything

Fixso - We Fix Almost Everything
23 March, 2021

We at Fixso fix all the damages caused in a house leading to fewer dilemmas in a family’s life. Fixso tries to fulfill the requirements of a family by helping them fix their house back into a normal stage. The basic services we offer are building maintenance, housekeeping, repair and refurbishing, electrical, plumbing, drainage, house cleaning, painting, carpentry, car washing, AC maintenance and repair, washing machine maintenance and repair, fridge maintenance and repair, Inverter Maintenance, and repair, at Cochin and Calicut respectively.

You can contact us whenever you are in trouble and you need to fix your mess. Well, reach out to help you anytime because we are sure that our experts can fix your hassles. We do quick fixes for household vexes effortlessly without causing any trouble to you. Fixso is well known for its amazing customer service and quick responses. Not only at home, but Fixso also helps you to fix your office or corporate mess too.

We provide services and attend all the sectors without delay. Fixso assures you that you would never be disappointed with our facilities. So now that you know how fixso fix your problems, you can connect us for help at any time of emergency!

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