10 July, 2021
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          Nowadays, every household has a TV at home. TV is commonly used for entertaining purposes. Recently TV is also considered as a medium of education, which forces everyone to have one at home. The TV comes at different prices according to its size, company and model. 

TV is one of the electronic devices which cannot be avoided because it is one of the time killing methods by entertaining everyone. Malfunctioning of TV is one of the irritating problem, which causes interruption for your entertainment. You should take some precautions in terms to avoid the course of repairing. Remember to switch off the power button too. Do not switch off the TV only by remote controller. Power fluctuation in the board will affect your TV otherwise.  

         TV repairs are worth only if the cost of repairing is cheaper than buying a new TV. The maintenance of the TV is very easy these days. "Prevention is always better than cure". We should ensure the steps to keep the TV safe, to avoid repairing. 

         Professional TV repair servicing is now available online and offline. If you connect them online or offline they will give you 100% customer care support. They are available day and night. If your call for professional help, they will come and do TV repairing. They will provide door to door services under expert supervision.

         TV repairing charges depends on man factors, types of problem TV deal with, the cost of technician, the experience of a technician, cost of TV parts, warranty etc. So when you think about companies for electronic repair, it should be cost-effective and same time they gave you service for the cost.

Fixso is one of the home service agencies that serve you best with a modern technical system and experienced technician, who ensures the best to deliver. Technicians will register your problem and use the proper mechanism to fix it. They are also bound to provide the best customer care service. Fixso will also contact their clients for further maintenance and regular servicing. 

TV repairing is needed when your TV declares to stop work and you cannot cope with it. You cannot bring your TV to the shop to repair, because it is not too easy to carry it and get it to the shop. That is the reason for many outsourcing agencies to focus on home servicing. Repairing won't trouble you anymore. Because there won’t be any need for you to search for a repairing man to reach you, but they will come to you after you register for their service as early as they can reach you. 

You should follow their recommendations after the repair to avoid further malfunctioning of the TV.  


7 July, 2021
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          A washing machine is one of the most commonly used electronic equipment in every household. It helps people to reduce the working load of manual washing of wearables and other materials. And it also facilitates easy functioning and time-saving for every homemaker. There are some tips we can follow easily to keep the washing machine last for a long time. To avoid foul smells, you can wash a washing machine after you finish your laundry. Don't leave any foam or detergent particles in the machine after washing. Let's discuss some of the maintenance techniques for washing machines.

1.     Check the hoses periodically and ensure there is no hole or breaks. 

2.     Never overload the machine. It will put a strain on the engine, which can affect its durability.

3.     Make sure to use a suitable detergent for your machine type. 

4.     Use the correct amount of detergent is another matter to consider.

5.     Cleaning interiors and dispensers regularly after wash, will reduce the chance of stinks.

6.     Never leave the laundry in the washer after the washing time. Transfer it into the drier to avoid foul smells on your clothes.

7.     Keep the door slightly open to avoid the foul smell while you open it next time. 

Keep these tips in mind to avoid the need for repairing the washing machine. 

             Washing machine repair services are commonly provided by reaching the home. It is not easy to carry the machine to a repair shop.

There are many home servicing agencies available in the market. Such home servicing agencies will help us repair the electronic equipment, like Washing machine, TV, AC, Refrigerator, Telephone, etc. 

               All kinds of repairing services are done from home with the help of home servicing agencies. Calicut fixso is one of the renowned home servicing agencies. They provide the serving, maintenance, and repairing services for electronic devices like washing machines, AC etc. Such companies will also help in the installation process of these electronic devices.

               Home services and home maintenance includes cleaning, washing, repairing, carpentry, installation, painting, maintenance and interior works. All these services are provided with expert supervision and using modern technologies to avoid time consumption.

              Repairing and maintenance are two services provided to help the home keeper not to suffer from the workload. Any damages or working related problems for any electronic devices will intrude the daily work. It will affect the daily routine of the person and create unnecessary pressure. There comes the need for home servicing and maintenance.

28 June, 2021
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Bridal room furnishing. Your home should be the story of who you and be a collection of what you love. A wedding ceremony is a cultural recognition for two individuals who live together as spouses. In Indian tradition, wedlock is a huge celebration where they invite all the relatives and friends for the program according to different functions. While planning a wedding, everyone would do their best to look good for themselves and decorate their home. Bridal room furnishing is one of the major that takes places before the marriage arrangements. Bride or groom is the center of attraction in matrimony, so it is essential to renovate their rooms in a modern way considering many styles and way that popular in the market.

The most common factors in bridal room renovation are;

1) Painting

2) Interior designing

3) Bridal room furnishing,

4) Flooring

5) Lighting etc.

                 In common, people will consult different experts for the renovation works. But it is better to consider a single agency that is capable of being all construction and renovation works in Kerala. Fixso is one of the most popular teams that give a better service in the construction and bridal room furnishing field. For wedding room decoration, it is best to select one for all types of renovation works, so that they can co-ordinate and arrange all the works in a systematic way. It will reduce tie consumption and improve quality. Bridal room furnishing can be done both at a large price and low cost. It depends upon the design, material, and technology one selects. Bridal room furnishing includes types of furniture like cupboard, bed, sofa, tea table, curtain, floor etc. The cost of the furniture will vary according to the material or wood that we prefer. Wood, plywood, rough wood and aluminum fabrication are commonly used for furnishing. The current trend in room renovation is interior designing. By doing interior designs, one will love to stay and spend time with family in an elegant atmosphere. There will be no more excuses to become bored because your interiors will make your home more beautiful and pride will be yours. It is better to choose paint colours that suit the interior. It will depend on the likes of an individual, and also relating the furnishings. The paint colour must cope up with the furniture, floor & also other interior designs that are planning to take care of. Lighting is another important designing work that will add to the beauty of a house. That is the same in the case of furnishing a bridal room. It is common to use foot lamps in rooms other than the contemporary dim lights. Panel lights which come with the false ceiling is another type of light that is also used instead of dim lights. Using fancy lights will also improve the style of beauty of a bridal room. LED lights are now commonly used in interior design.

24 June, 2021
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Developed technologies help us to update in our day to day life.

Once every month, we get a notification to update the software or any one of the application on the phone. Updated help us to fire the errors. It improves the performance of the application. 

                   Likewise once in a month or year, we should do our maintenance in-home or office. WE do clean our home and office daily. It's a part of daily life more than that, once in every year, we maintain our office by doing some little works. Sitting in the same direction in the same place creates boredom in your workplace. It happens at home also. By doing some desk arrangements and changing the direction of furniture in a home gives difference n the way of living and working.

                   There are lots of ways to maintain home and office. The first thing that comes to our mind, when heard about maintaining is painting. Often we give the painting to experienced workers. Painting is an easy job, anybody can do it individually. We should paint the grills of the kitchen once in a year or 6 months it helps us to avoid resting at home. In-office we often give office maintenance to experienced agencies.

                   Office maintenance includes lots of work. One of the main is the maintenance of systems like computers, laptop and other machinery. This is often done by expertise people. Individual repairing machinery can cause risk and damage to machinery.

                   Electricity maintenance is major and important. It should be done under necessary precautions. The power supply should be stable. Safety should be ensured.

                   The best advice is it should be given to experienced agencies whether it is home maintenance or office maintenance. When it is done by expertise licensed people, they will know the hazards after effects. So they will do the maintenance work under necessary precautions. 

               Courtyard cleaning is another step in home management. If we didn't maintain the surrounding cleaning it cause many contagious diseases. We should ensure the cleanliness of every corner. We should ensure that there is no stagnant water surrounding our home. Stagnant water can cause malaria, dengue and other contagion diseases. If the courtyard is interlocked polish it every year.

               Drainage problem is difficult for should handle very could create problem in the surrounding people if not done properly. Drainage cleaning is often done by local workers who are Efficient.

             Plumping work is a headache to all. Because once in a month we call a plumber and do the maintenance this is a major problem both on home and office. Leaking pipes and broken tiles cause damage to causes damage to walls.  

            Maintenance of electronic gadgets in the house is very important. Because gadgets will be costly and their maintenance is important because it is very needful in our day to day life. Once in six months, we should do the service of an air conditioner. For the proper working. Likewise in each device and gadgets, we should do the maintenance. Refrigerator, television, mixer, washing machine. Each thing is very needful in every day. Damage to one device breaks the daily cycle.

               Quality implementation in switches because it affects the whole electric circuit of the household. Any damage to the device can even cause a short circuit in the home. So, we should well bother about the gadgets. Expert interventions should be taken at the proper time.

              Office maintenance should be done under control and experienced supervision. Because we can't do maintenance at the regular time. So we should be done in the holidays. Because it should not disturb the working people. It will affect their productive output.

                One of the major parts of maintenance is the garbage and e-waste that gets after home and office maintenance. There are so many agencies in the city who take care of them. It should not harm the earth or the ecosystem. Garbage should take care of properly or it should recycle.

11 June, 2021
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Cleaning, ironing and car washing are the processes that were carried out by an individual itself in normal life as household chores. Nowadays many servicing agencies and services are likely to be utilized by the ones who stay too busy at works and other engagement. Certain servicing companies even provide housekeeping employees too.

                   Cleaning service: - Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, stain, stink that are stuck on the surface of something or the environment. There are different methods and equipment that use for cleaning in a different situation.  There are several types of cleaning in household choruses. Sweeping, mopping, laundry, dusting, vessel washing are major cleaning services that are provided by different agencies.

                    Sweeping is the basic cleaning technique using a broom that consists of twigs and straws bound together to the floor courtyard. Vacuums are also used in sweeping in modern days.

                   Mopping is the cleaning technique using a mop, which group of clothes, sponge, or lose strings to wipe off the floor with water to ultimately remove every bit of dust particle or some sort of stains of different substances.

                   Laundry is the process of cleaning clothes with water, soap or detergent to get rid of the stinks and stain which occur mainly due to dust and other unwanted substance from the surrounding. Nowadays people wash clothes. Both manually and with the help of a washing machine. Socking, washing and drying are the main three steps that normally taken in cleaning clothes. There are different methods for washing like dry cleaning, hand washing machine laundering, sponging, and blotting. One of the main service that the agencies of Calicut provide is washing which helps the non-resident employers to clean their clothes properly without interfering their work or employment.

                   Dusting is another cleaning process in which the whole surfaces of a house are cleaned using equipment like a broom and vacuum cleaning are mainly used to clean the dust that is not easily removed, like the dust on the cushion of chair or sofa, certain, on the corners of the window pane. It is very useful in removing spider nets too.

                   Vessel cleaning is one of the household chores that an individual are supposed to do daily. Normally people wash vessels with a dishwasher or liquids which gained popularity recently. It is said that using a dish wash bar will leave light layers of dust from the soap on the vessel if it is not properly washed which requires more water than washing with liquids.

                   The above mentioned cleaning services provide a vast range of employment opportunities for people who are not with good grades and are not able to start their own business using money or can't easily get a jib of their wish.

                   A nuclear family in which the male and female member chooses to go to work and are not able to manage the holy works are more likely to require a homemade. Some other families do their daily household works on daily basis that are sweeping and vessel cleaning. They do need the service of the out sourcing agencies to do the other works like washing, dusting and even moping in a regular interval.

                   Bachelors from different cities that work in Calicut are more likely to wash their clothes with the help of such cleaning services provided by other entrepreneurs. Housekeeping services will be utilized by the people who normally have no time to spend on other than their works.

                 Ironing is another service provided by the agencies of Calicut to smoothen the work of people with a busy schedule. Ironing is the process of removing wrinkles on the fabrics using equipment that are usually a heated tool. The heat is controlled according to the type of fabric. During the process of ironing, the molecules of the fabrics are loosened which causes the fabrics to get rid of the wrinkles. Ironing normally helps the bachelors living in hostels and PGs who does not have time to do pressing and also those who cannot comfortably do this process. In the olden day’s charcoal were used to heat the metal equipment which is transformed into an electronic iron box that converts power into heat.

                   Carwash is the most popular service that many agencies provide in Calicut in which cars or other vehicles are washed by hand or with other equipment. There are different types of carwash. Hand wash, steam wash, automatic car wash and foam wash. In hand wash, an individual manually wipes the dust and unwanted things that are stuck on the surface of a car using water and car washing liquids for better result. In the steam wash, the air is blown both inside and outside part of the body n a high pressure to forcefully remove the dirt and dust. The other way is foam wash, in which the foam is used to clean the dirt from the surface of the car. The most popular types of car wash are automatic wash which is also called tunnel in which your car into a tunnel-shaped set up with liquefied washing water are spread bu the bundle of clothes and fibers attached on all sides like, up, left, and right walls which clean the car when it passes through it. This is the best car washing technique that most people chose in the present scenario.

                                      The cleaning services in Calicut are really useful for the people working in different managing time according to the work.

3 June, 2021
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A beautiful home is a dream and lifetime achievement for all the families in our society. A home is a result of lots of hard works and effort. Day by day the concept and lifestyle are changing as per the development of standard of living. Updating of technologies and innovations are introduced. The most important part of a house is a kitchen where the presence of living occurs and it will be more lively sessions. An effective kitchen should be advanced affordable and techno-friendly foe considering the health. A kitchen should be multi-purposed according to their needs. A kitchen should be well organized in terms of space utilization. All the space should be properly arranged and should not be clumsy. Since we have lots of food and pieces of equipment should be kept here. The kitchen should be healthy and spacious since we prepare and store food here. A healthy and well-ventilated kitchen will give you a good mind. It helps in spending time cooking good food in a good mood. Immense happiness and pleasure lead a healthy family both mentally and physically. We do kitchen renovations when we are not satisfied with the existing structure. If we think about kitchen renovations it should be done with absolute planning and an end-to-end structuring by keeping all our needs, requirements, lifestyles, and luxury as per our budget and affordability. Planning is the key process in the kitchen renovation process. When we planning for kitchen renovation there are so many service providers available in the local market and you can approach the best among them as per your budget and locality. They will plan from top to bottom. If we are giving our plan to contractors who are doing kitchen renovation services, they give the best productive output. They will plan in such a way that each corner of your kitchen will be utilized in an organized way and as a result, you will have a spacious and well-placed kitchen with good ventilation. Execution is the next step in kitchen renovation process. Execution has to be done in a very careful way. When we are doing kitchen remodeling there are so many risk factors involved in it. While renovating we should take many control methods. There will be many clouds of dust because we are demolishing and recreating. We should take dust control methods, we should ensure the safety precautions about electricity. We want to vacate the whole kitchen to do a renovation. It will be very useful when completed in proper time. If we are giving all these to licensed kitchen renovating agencies, they will do it perfectly. While kitchen remodeling, especially these days when we do we should do the necessary precautions. We should do our kitchen remodeling under the Covid protocol. If we give our renovation services to local workers, they are coming from different localities, they will go different houses. So the spreading of the corona is in high chance. Here lies the importance of experience kitchen renovating agencies. They will take necessary safety precautions when they are at work. For a good home, a good kitchen is very important. A good kitchen is perfectly placed, well ventilated and space utilized in the proper alignment. For your dream home, you can have a dream kitchen, if you are going through a kitchen remodeling with a licensed and authorized agency. They will provide you with a well adaptable plan with trained and experienced experts to re-align your kitchen. Have healthy cooking and a healthy family and healthy life

23 March, 2021
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We at Fixso fix all the damages caused in a house leading to fewer dilemmas in a family’s life. Fixso tries to fulfill the requirements of a family by helping them fix their house back into a normal stage. The basic services we offer are building maintenance, housekeeping, repair and refurbishing, electrical, plumbing, drainage, house cleaning, painting, carpentry, car washing, AC maintenance and repair, washing machine maintenance and repair, fridge maintenance and repair, Inverter Maintenance, and repair, at Cochin and Calicut respectively.

You can contact us whenever you are in trouble and you need to fix your mess. Well, reach out to help you anytime because we are sure that our experts can fix your hassles. We do quick fixes for household vexes effortlessly without causing any trouble to you. Fixso is well known for its amazing customer service and quick responses. Not only at home, but Fixso also helps you to fix your office or corporate mess too.

We provide services and attend all the sectors without delay. Fixso assures you that you would never be disappointed with our facilities. So now that you know how fixso fix your problems, you can connect us for help at any time of emergency!

15 March, 2021
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Now, before you go off on a rant about how foolish it is to renovate a home, stop. Not every home renovation project is a good investment—nor it is a good use of disposable income. But not every remodel project is a bad idea. That sort of black and white blanket statement just isn’t helpful, particularly when we all know someone who renovated and sold their home for top dollar. Debating whether or not all home reno projects are a good idea is a futile as determining whether or not real estate is a good investment these days. Yes, there are spots where homes are over-priced. But there are so many variables, so how can we give just one accurate answer to a question that impacts a nation of people across 10-million square kilometres?

It’s probably more helpful, then, to provide some insightful information that can help any homeowner make good decisions if they are considering a homerenovation in Calicut


To help you get the most here are five tips to help you plan your home renovation.

Tip #1: Don’t underestimate the cost of renovations

From data compiled from over 2 million users’ search behaviour and project posts,, a site that helps homeowners find and rate home reno contractors, found that homeowners consistently set unrealistically low budgets for a few of the most popular renovation projects.

For instance, the national average budget for a kitchen renovation came in at just under $14,480—at least $5,000 under-budget for the average Canadian kitchen renovation, explains Nicole Silver, spokesperson for TrustedPros. “It takes licensed electrical, plumbing and gas experts to install bare necessities in a kitchen,” explained Silver, “and these experts come at a price.” Add in the extra cost of durable or high-end finishes and budget costs start to creep up quickly.


Tip #2: Seriously consider whether or not you are over-renovating

Many homeowners are convinced that they only way to increase the value of their home is to spend a lot of money on high-end finishes and expensive home remodels. But home renovations rarely, if ever, offer a $1 for $1 return. In fact, sometimes the simplest or least expensive updates can give the best returns.

For instance, according to Remodel magazine, re-insulating your attic can recoup as much as 117% on the reno dollars you spent, while you can expect a 92% recoup on the cost of replacing your garage door and a 91% recoup on the cost of replacing your front, entry door.homerenovation in Calicut

Yet, these simple upgrades are not at the top of the reno-desire list, according to the data collected by In 2016, the top three reno projects across Canada were: bathroom remodels, basement renovations and the installation of a new deck.



Tip #3: Do the leg-work to set a realistic home reno budget

Still, in order to avoid unnecessary or unexpected costs when it comes to home renovations, you must first start with an accurate, honest budget. Here are four tips to get you there:

No. 1: Get multiple quotes

Never settle on a contractor before first interviewing and getting a quote. Better still, ask what their contract covers and how they handle ongoing communication and potential problems (remember, surprises can mean extra costs, so you want a clear-cut plan of how this will be handled, before it happens).

To know more visit us at :-

15 March, 2021
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FIXSO is the best renovation contractors in kochi, insides plan, arranging and urban planning firm working at numerous scales and with different organizations right from private clients to corporate. We accept in cutting edge plan, make perfect utilize of space, common materials, lighting & scene to redesign and alter living situations and urban spaces.

FIXSO endeavors to make plan that motivates, approaching each venture, notwithstanding of estimate & scale, with an understanding that design includes a interesting power to impact way of life and society with the leading renovation contractors in kochi. Coordinated by a Group Pioneer, each of our group focuses on a particular showcase and capacities professionally, in spite of the fact that we frequently collaborate with one another when amassing particular extend groups.

A lifetime of savings are spent on houses, which is why, budget friendly plans custom made to fulfillment is our promise to you by each of our group mates. A workspace is one that each worker should feel at ease working in.Keeping a formal touch to it we offer help to our corporate clients arrange a space that requests to their representatives, inevitably growing workspace productivity and fulfillment. We make versatile commercial spaces that subtly matches your brand personality with our exquisite plans assisted by top renovation contractors in kochi.

We make mindful, excellent interiors that meets our clients’ aesthetic, useful and economic objectives whereas honoring their viewpoint. Our approach is adaptable and responsive. We work with some clients who have a solid vision and we help them accomplish it. Others are less sure and we direct them through the plan process, helping them to define their own aesthetic as we go.

Choosing the culminate closet for our homes could be a hectic task. A lot of variables like the space, ease of utilize, upkeep, etc comes into play when choosing to select between a closet with a hinged door or a sliding door. We all have individual inclinations when choosing something and more frequently than not, we ordinarily tilt towards our inclinations.

Sliding doors coast evenly on metal tracks settled on top and foot outlines. The rollers on the side of the entryway for opening. Make sure that the width of a sliding entryway is at least 7 feet else it might feel congested. We have seen a relentless rise in individuals choosing sliding entryways over the past decade. The smooth and present day see additionally the space-saving nature of it makes it a favorite among millennial in urban cities.

Hinged doors are the more ordinary plan alternative when it comes to choosing closets. The foremost common reason why individuals still go for hinged entryway plans is the visibility they give. You'll be able see the complete contents once you open the hinged entryway closet. Typically one of the greatest focal points and separating highlights these entryways have over the sliding entryways. These moreover grant you the alternative to introduce snares, pockets, or racks on the interior surface of the entryway for different extras such as ties, clips, etc.

15 March, 2021
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FIXSO is a favored choice for all sorts of domestic and office machines repair. Be it establishment, maintenance or repair services in Kochi for Building Maintenance, Housekeeping, Repair and Refurbishing, Electrical, Plumbing, Drainage, House Cleaning, Painting, Carpentry, Car Washing, AC Maintenance and repair, Washing Machine Maintenance and repair, Fridge Maintenance and repair, Inverter Maintenance and home repair services in calicut, you can contract for help that you require for the regular jobs in a house. Our services have been particularly planned keeping in intellect the requirements of the modern days.

There was a time when sourcing specialists for household repairs implied walking to the adjacent store within the neighborhood and waiting for the repair man to grant you time. But, FIXSO is here to create things less demanding and faster. On the off chance that you need to contract a repairman to take care of the every day repair in your house, we are here to assist you!

Go through our services and check the sort of help you need & give us a Call. We have talented professionals for each sort of household repair work. Once we get the request, our group will source the finest accessible technician for the work and guarantees that the assistance comes to you well in time.

What’s more is that with our portal? You'll be able to contract our repair services at any time as per your need. No more depending on the shop timings or your specialists accessibility. All you need to do is to Contact us & let us know your necessities for home repair services in calicut.

We are located in Kochi & offer best services over Calicut at reasonable costs. You'll be able to sit back peacefully as our team will pay attention of getting the repairs done on time!

All of our expert and specialized service specialists are completely prepared and qualified to provide you the finest repair benefit at reasonable costs. We offer a incite and productive service to get life up and running again as rapidly as conceivable.

We at FIXSO, aims to supply our clients with a total arrangement to their machine issues viz. Housekeeping, Repair and Refurbishing, Electrical, AC Maintenance and repair, Washing Machine Maintenance and repair,Fridge Maintenance and repair, Inverter Maintenance and home repair services in calicut.

We have a long time of experience of home repair services in calicut, and with our experience inside the industry we are certain in saying that there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or repaired. Once you call us to report a flawed apparatus you'll be talking to our friendly office group who have extensive information on dealing with apparatus emergencies.

FIXSO offer amazingly competitive service charges, all inclusive of labor charges which covers engineers callout, diagnostic of fault and any labor required to repair the fault. It moreover incorporates any return visits to fit parts, although parts required are charged at best costs. In case an appliance is considered too costly to repair we'll offer a rebate off our fee.

We make sure that the leading in our service talks to the world around us. Our core interest to serve you superior is our greatest passion. We are well prepared team with technology and vast years of experience to help you for the services that you just may require. At FIXSO be rest assured for all the services that we undertake ; our expert group for each services will make sure to help and direct you before we continue.

The thought is to make you mindful of all the advancements that we are making and it makes us feel more comfortable. We know that the market is exceptionally competitive hence the finest service at reasonable pricing is an imperative factor. Talk to us for the services that you just may require and we guarantee you best of our services.

15 March, 2021
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We endeavor to plan and execute an astonishing work place that enrich the lives of the individuals who uses it conjointly helps the organization to succeed. We believe incredible working spaces not only boost up the vitality of one, but also upgrades the performance and makes each day superb.

Office renovation in kochi and corporate interiors is our specialty. We are the driving company giving end-to-end office renovation arrangements. We have an beneficial in-house acquirement group, well qualified electrical engineers, capable makers and skilled organizer, who incorporate accreditation's to our work, making a difference to outperform in comparison to our competitors.

We make spurring contribute with a exquisite blend of creative ability and capacities that stands a class isolated for office renovation in kochi. We assist you to find flawlessness and excellence with quality that's unmatched. Every minute detail is thoroughly investigated, tailor-made to supply extraordinary quality deliverable and strive towards a high level of client fulfillment and maintenance.

Our vision at Fixso is to supply an outstandingly charming experience to our esteemed clients, from concept to completion in offering predominant customized plan expertise, combined with our broad range of material and equipment choices to renovate an office which can be of high quality, which can look great, be client neighborly and fit inside your budget.

Our fundamental focus is to be the industry expert in planning and renovating workplaces that keep up a great adjust between plan, cost and quality for office renovation in kochi.

Keeping in vision of future scope of extension some of the time the individuals are asking extra columns for further development of extra floors in future time, in the event that this be the case the cost may change based upon the number of columns and pillars furthermore asked by the client. The major portion of the development cost variation is because of the nature of Bricks and Sand utilized, too putting quality changes based on the proportion of cement and sand utilized. The wrapping up materials like electrical cabling and installations and switches, MCB’s and attachments utilized can change the cost. The same goes with plumbing establishment like WC’s, Wash Bowls, Taps, Hot & Cold Blenders, Lavatory Flooring / tiling on the walls, exhaust fans. The office finishing can moreover influence the cost based upon the choice or Rock / Kadapa Stones / counterfeit Stone / or other assortment of stones or Stone Cladding Tiles.

Office insides planning comprises of classy conclusion solutions that are outlined and created by experienced group of experts so as to supply elite presentation looks and feel to the office.

We specialize in offering planning administrations for interiors of office. The commercial places may incorporate workplaces, institutions, seating zone and kitchen.

Venture administration may be a systematic approach to arranging and directing venture forms from concept to completion as a result hiring an experienced group can make distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved and a stronger affect on your final result. With our involvement we have the confidence that project administration is most viable method of delivering items inside cost, plan, and resource imperatives pressed with a enthusiastic workforce.

4 February, 2021
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Fixso may be a proficient cleaning organization that provides high quality household cleaning and office cleaning services in Kochi. We master in giving household cleaners to private homes and office cleaning administrations to nearby businesses. Fixso guarantee to provide a level of service beyond anything you've ever experienced. We get it the significance of a sound, clean working environment and we have a reputation for quality service, reliable staff and a track record of truly impressed clients with the leading home maintenance services in kochi.

Our individuals are profoundly motivated, professionally prepared, committed people with a vested intrigued in guaranteeing your necessities are met each and each time they visit.

We at Fixso. Offer systematic Housekeeping and Cleaning Services to different divisions. We attempt each venture with add up to care and full commitment to provide the finest conceivable. Our administrations show a idealize mix of polished skill, inventive technologies and convenience. Moreover, we are upheld by exceedingly talented group and the most recent cleaning equipment’s. This guarantees a incite and quality work to meet the exact prerequisites of clients. We believe in 100% fulfillment of clients through point by point, inventive and cost-effective cleaning / housekeeping services. We offer office & commercial cleaning, venture cleaning, housekeeping, office administration & house cleaning administrations with the most noteworthy quality benchmarks.

Leave it to us; we’ll take great care of it. We offer proficient sanitization services at your domestic with one or two of clicks. Our accomplices utilize the finest items, hardware, and experienced proficient to keep your domestic flawless and clean. Moreover, commercial sanitization for your office moreover accessible for home maintenance services in kochi.

Fixso offers a comprehensive expert sanitization service. Our expert sanitization administrations are overseen in a secure, compliant and compelling way. Our progressed microbial cleansing service makes a difference in disposing of destructive bacterial and infections counting corona viruses.

Food scraps, stationery, coffee/tea stain, dust bunnies, and more...? Presently you'll be able to effortlessly get freed from all the dirt and stains with a small help from Fixso. Our expert couch cleaning administrations in Kochi will take your stresses away and will provide you a clean living room. No more stresses around visitors finding your covered up secrets.

Don’t stress; our couch cleaning specialists will change your couch into its former lovely self, commendable of your home. Our accomplices utilize the finest items and equipment's to clean your couches.

Your kitchen is place for you t o make your culinary master pieces and therefor , it has to be kept clean and sterile. Since cleaning your chimney, Kitchen conduits, apparatus and scouring off the grease from distinctive surfaces is getting to be a challenging assignment.

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31 January, 2020
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Air conditioning has become a part of our lives, whether we need it or not. Unfortunately, low temperatures and faulty maintenance have led to major health problems. Most of us are unaware of the benefits of sitting under an Air Conditioner, whereas many of the websites and social media disseminate only the drawbacks of AC. Air conditioners are of great help to beat the extreme heat, which has got a clear negative impact on our daily intellectual and physical activities. In this modern health-conscious era, it's pretty much important to reduce the risk of dehydration as the summer season is approaching. 
In order to avoid further issues, professional installation and maintenance are essential for both individual units and centralised systems. Also, it is to be noted that air-conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated. It is a matter of grave concern if you neglect the necessary maintenance while the performance of your air conditioner is declining. It's always better to get the repairs done at the earliest by experienced and trained AC technicians. The filters, coils, and compressor fins require regular maintenance, for the unit to function efficiently throughout its years of service. At times, repairing an AC unit might not be the best option to serve your purpose. An older unit that has undergone multiple repairs need to be replaced.
At Fixso, we provide on-time service delivery at affordable rates. We are also providing a unique offer of 3 free services in a year for just Rs.499. Our air conditioner services include AC regular service, AC repair, AC installation, AC full service. We captivate the skills of our professionals and render the Air Conditioner Maintenance Service to our customers. address smaller problems that could grow into larger and potentially costly issues in the future. It's time for you to relax without getting tensed about money while an AC repair.