4 February, 2021
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Fixso may be a proficient cleaning organization that provides high quality household cleaning and office cleaning services in Kochi. We master in giving household cleaners to private homes and office cleaning administrations to nearby businesses. Fixso guarantee to provide a level of service beyond anything you've ever experienced. We get it the significance of a sound, clean working environment and we have a reputation for quality service, reliable staff and a track record of truly impressed clients with the leading home maintenance services in kochi.

Our individuals are profoundly motivated, professionally prepared, committed people with a vested intrigued in guaranteeing your necessities are met each and each time they visit.

We at Fixso. Offer systematic Housekeeping and Cleaning Services to different divisions. We attempt each venture with add up to care and full commitment to provide the finest conceivable. Our administrations show a idealize mix of polished skill, inventive technologies and convenience. Moreover, we are upheld by exceedingly talented group and the most recent cleaning equipment’s. This guarantees a incite and quality work to meet the exact prerequisites of clients. We believe in 100% fulfillment of clients through point by point, inventive and cost-effective cleaning / housekeeping services. We offer office & commercial cleaning, venture cleaning, housekeeping, office administration & house cleaning administrations with the most noteworthy quality benchmarks.

Leave it to us; we’ll take great care of it. We offer proficient sanitization services at your domestic with one or two of clicks. Our accomplices utilize the finest items, hardware, and experienced proficient to keep your domestic flawless and clean. Moreover, commercial sanitization for your office moreover accessible for home maintenance services in kochi.

Fixso offers a comprehensive expert sanitization service. Our expert sanitization administrations are overseen in a secure, compliant and compelling way. Our progressed microbial cleansing service makes a difference in disposing of destructive bacterial and infections counting corona viruses.

Food scraps, stationery, coffee/tea stain, dust bunnies, and more...? Presently you'll be able to effortlessly get freed from all the dirt and stains with a small help from Fixso. Our expert couch cleaning administrations in Kochi will take your stresses away and will provide you a clean living room. No more stresses around visitors finding your covered up secrets.

Don’t stress; our couch cleaning specialists will change your couch into its former lovely self, commendable of your home. Our accomplices utilize the finest items and equipment's to clean your couches.

Your kitchen is place for you t o make your culinary master pieces and therefor , it has to be kept clean and sterile. Since cleaning your chimney, Kitchen conduits, apparatus and scouring off the grease from distinctive surfaces is getting to be a challenging assignment.

Too active to take care of your domestic or flat? Leave it to us; we’ll take good care of it. We offer proficient house cleaning administrations at your door steps with some clicks. Our accomplices utilize the finest items, hardware and experienced professional to keep your domestic flawless and clean with the best home maintenance services in kochi.

A clean and comfortable sleeping cushion is basic for a great night’s rest. Whereas stains, odors, and dust bugs are inescapable results of day by day sleeping cushion use, standard sleeping pad cleaning can offer assistance to minimize these discomforts. We assist you to urge the finest mattress cleaning service within the city at reasonable cost for home maintenance services in kochi. Fixso brings proficient mattress cleaning administrations right to your doorstep over Kochi. All our specialists are background verified and prepared with the most recent hardware and chemicals to guarantee the finest benefit for your sleeping cushion.

31 January, 2020
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Air conditioning has become a part of our lives, whether we need it or not. Unfortunately, low temperatures and faulty maintenance have led to major health problems. Most of us are unaware of the benefits of sitting under an Air Conditioner, whereas many of the websites and social media disseminate only the drawbacks of AC. Air conditioners are of great help to beat the extreme heat, which has got a clear negative impact on our daily intellectual and physical activities. In this modern health-conscious era, it's pretty much important to reduce the risk of dehydration as the summer season is approaching. 
In order to avoid further issues, professional installation and maintenance are essential for both individual units and centralised systems. Also, it is to be noted that air-conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated. It is a matter of grave concern if you neglect the necessary maintenance while the performance of your air conditioner is declining. It's always better to get the repairs done at the earliest by experienced and trained AC technicians. The filters, coils, and compressor fins require regular maintenance, for the unit to function efficiently throughout its years of service. At times, repairing an AC unit might not be the best option to serve your purpose. An older unit that has undergone multiple repairs need to be replaced.
At Fixso, we provide on-time service delivery at affordable rates. We are also providing a unique offer of 3 free services in a year for just Rs.499. Our air conditioner services include AC regular service, AC repair, AC installation, AC full service. We captivate the skills of our professionals and render the Air Conditioner Maintenance Service to our customers. address smaller problems that could grow into larger and potentially costly issues in the future. It's time for you to relax without getting tensed about money while an AC repair.